Funding Applications

The DSTA committee have allocated current funding and further funding requests will be available as of Term 4  2022.

Our Vision

To empower ākonga to celebrate their identity, language, and culture through stories using digital technologies.

Our Mission

Build kaiako and ākonga confidence in using digital technologies to tell meaningful stories that are sustainable over time. We are making a commitment to supporting the development of resources and learning opportunities to cater for Māori Medium, English Medium, and deaf education.

Our Values


We are insightful, with a sound understanding of the education sector. We foster innovation to help transform storytelling in an ethical and informed way in Aotearoa New Zealand’s education sector.


We are connected through shared passions for education. We encourage the development of relationships across the education sector and beyond to open a space for digital storytelling.


We learn from each other, and everyone around us.

There are 3 tranches of Mahi we support under the Network of Expertise MoE funding:

Storytelling with a digital element

Storytelling with a digital element

Resource development and sharing

Resource development and sharing

Teacher release and in school support for digital storytelling

Teacher release and in school support for digital storytelling